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Herring Insurance knows that when running a company, commercial insurance should be the least of worries for business owners. By trusting Herring Insurance to provide your company with commercial insurance, the weight of future issues and disasters is lifted and business owners can focus on other aspects and functions of their companies. Herring Insurance also offers multiple options for commercial insurance.

With unexpected accidents, injuries to customers or employees, catastrophes, or unplanned temporary closures, having business insurance just might keep you in business. The commercial insurance Herring Insurance provides is important to help protect you against these and other potential pitfalls.

Although being your own boss is great, trying to find your way in the complicated world of small business insurance is not. Problems that are out of your control can show up out of nowhere and commercial insurance can cover a wide variety of issues and crises. Having commercial insurance from Herring Insurance will provide coverage from financial disasters due to accidents that cause property damage, professional and clerical errors caused by employees, damage to property at your place of business and worksites, and even claims for workers' compensation. These different issues and problems can cause very costly situations for your company, but commercial insurance can keep you covered so that your business can continue on the path of success regardless of any disasters that occur.

Commercial business owner's insurance from Herring Insurance simplifies the process. Our commercial business owners' insurance policy bundles coverages in one package. The kind of commercial insurance coverage you need depends on the kind of business you have. Herring Insurance can help customize an insurance policy that meets your business's unique needs, risks, and budget.

An example of what a commercial business owner’s policy from Herring Insurance may include is general liability, which covers your company’s legal responsibility for harm to others such as slips and falls or other personal injuries or damage to others’ property. Accidents involving customers can result in huge legal fees and medical expenses, making this an important policy for any business.

Commercial insurance with Herring Insurance also includes workers’ compensation. Workers' compensation insurance covers costs related to workplace injuries and illnesses, which can escalate quickly due to the high cost of medical care. Most workers’ comp policies also cover the cost of employee lawsuits related to a work injury. 

Another example of commercial insurance would include property insurance for buildings and contents owned by the company. Covering your physical assets against damage due to vandalism or natural disasters could determine if your business stays open. If you are a small business owner in a low-risk industry, you may be able to cut premium costs by combining this policy with general liability insurance. Let the experts at Herring Insurance help you decide what policy is best for you and your business.

Business interruption, which covers the loss of income resulting from a fire or other catastrophic event that disrupts the daily operation of the business is another example Herring Insurance can provide if you are needing commercial insurance. It can also include the extra expenses for operating from a temporary location.

If your business owns a car or other type of vehicle, you will likely need commercial auto insurance. The experts at Herring Insurance will take the time to assess your company’s auto insurance needs and will work with you to get the best price with the best coverage available for your vehicle or vehicle. You can rely on commercial auto insurance for financial protection if you or an employee needs medical care or faces legal expenses due to an automobile accident. If you don’t carry commercial auto insurance, your business will be responsible for any medical bills and legal fees, which can get expensive.

Even when it’s not required, commercial property insurance is important for any business that owns a building, valuable equipment, or expensive inventory. you may need to purchase commercial property insurance if your business operates out of your residence. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, IT and technology, Construction owners, and real estate businesses are just a few examples of professions that need commercial insurance. Call Herring Insurance today for a quote. When you have an agent who will help you meet all of your commercial insurance needs, the stress and worry will disappear knowing that you and your business are covered and saving money on your policies.

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